Decision Agriculture

The Arable Mark 2 measures microclimate and crop health, delivering real-time, actionable insights from the field to the palm of your hand.

A Complete Water-Budgeting Solution

The Arable Mark is an all-in-one irrigation management tool, the first of its kind to synthesise climate, plant, and soil data to produce actionable insights for your conditions. Save time, money, and preserve natural resources through informed decision-making, supervised remotely from your mobile device.

Measurements That Matter

The Arable Mark is the first device ever to link global weather data with in-field observations, producing actionable insights tailored to your conditions. Make informed decisions with unprecedented ground-truth accuracy, all in one place.

Complete. Reliable. Simple.

Out-of-the-box usability, intuitive software, and cross-platform integration capabilities make Arable your one-stop solution.