Who We Are

Leadership Team

Who We Are

David Maggiori

Director of Strategy

David is an experienced Engineering Manager with a demonstrated track record, working for several major International and Australian companies throughout five continents, over the past 32 years.

He has an appetite for developing and sustainably implementing, engineering, risk-based and human development systems.

His passion for new technology project management has led to the publication of several new technology engineering papers.

David’s ethos is to drive performance excellence through adherence to sound Quality Management approaches.  He has been instrumental in driving step-changes in hi-tech, extreme environment, product service-quality delivery, adding $100’s millions of value.

Good quality data drives the ability to assess performance and improve, and to this extent David is applying his knowledge to the ag-tech industry.

David understands the need to bring the right people together to ensure delivery of required business outcomes.  He has led three major business growth agendas focussing on areas such as university engagement, Graduate Engineering programmes, the development and sustained implementation of competency systems, while leading teams to deliver excellent results in many global locations.

This experience is directly transferrable to the ag-tech industry, promoting the correct levels of collaboration across stakeholder groups and companies, ensuring that sound communications leads to effective decision making.

Darren Brakenridge

Director of Technology

Darren is a Cyber Security specialist with 15 years’ industry experience in IT infrastructure, software and support. Darren’s skill set was cultivated initially working for an internet provider in Australia, then expanded through working in the finance industry, where he provided information and data security, delivering accurate decision making in a fast paced, high pressure and highly sensitive environment.

Darren is experienced with providing IT risk mitigation strategies, policies and implementation techniques for small business and SMEs in Asia, Europe and USA.

While Darren’s professional experience is from outside the agriculture industry and provides an unbiased external perspective, he hasn’t forgotten his upbringing, raised in rural South Australia on an olive farm. This gives him the unique ability to generate ideas and solutions using a global knowledge base with the awareness of local challenges.

Richard Porter

Director of Business Development

Richard is an experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry. Skilled in Agrochemicals, Business Planning, Farms, Rural Development, and Agronomy, Richard is a strong business development professional who graduated from the University of Adelaide.

Richard’s family has farmed in the mid-north of South Australia since the late 1800s, with the 6th generation now taking some control. Richard pursued undergraduate studies in Agricultural Science, and then worked there for a while in Agronomy research. Richard held a few diverse roles with various seed, chemical and CRO (Contract Research Organisation) businesses before commencing his own CRO business in 2002. That business now operates as AgXtra and conducts work in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. Richard has witnessed, and participated in the evolution of, farming technology and methodology in the challenging and dynamic environments presented across southern Australia over the past 30 years.

Richard is Managing Director of AgXtra Australia, a leading contract research provider based in South Australia. Established in 2002 as Biocultural Solutions, the business has a history of delivering excellence to its clients in the crop protection and plant breeding segments. Currently servicing broad acre and horticultural industries in the states of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, AgXtra leads a committed, professional team who pride themselves on their ability to consistently deliver to client specifications.